This website currently uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interactions. GA places a number of cookies onto your device which then gives us some information on how you navigate and use our website. Some of the information collected includes:

  • Number of visitors.
  • Which website referred them to
  • Which pages they view.
  • What device they use.
  • What browser they are using.
  • Which country they are connecting from.

This information is collected and analysed to help make improvements to the website. Although GA does collect your IP address, GA does NOT provide us with any information that could be used to personally identify you.


Your personal information is collected so that we can inform you of our new website launch. Your details will not be used for any other reason other than that which is stated here and we will NEVER sell your data to a third party.

We store your personal information on our secure web servers and on our own personal devices. We will happily remove this information should you request us to do so.

Please send any removal requests to:

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